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Heritage Conservation can present challenges when renovating. Below are some of the major challenges that House to Home Finishes have experienced over many years.

We will manage this as part of our standard inclusions within the architectural, interior design and approval stage, saving you money and time. While it can be a challenging process, the result can be a beautifully preserved home that celebrates its unique history and character.

Please visit our portfolio of projects to see how we can transform your home as we have done many others in heritage conservation areas.

Complex Planning and Approval

Renovating a heritage-listed home (or one in a heritage area) requires careful planning and approval. This process can be complex, as you will need to engage specialised consultants and obtain documentation. House to Home Finishes will co-ordinate all the required applications, consultants and reports and manage the application through to approval.

Limited Design Options

Heritage conservation areas have guidelines that dictate the changes can be made. They are designed to preserve the area’s unique character, but can limit your design options. However, such guidelines are subjective and, in some cases, can be overcome. Using someone with experience in this area and in dealing with your local council is a huge advantage.


Renovating a heritage home can be more expensive, as the materials and techniques used to preserve the heritage significance have a higher cost. This is where House to Home Finishes’ designers will add value in providing cost-effective options for consideration that don’t detract but rather enhance the charm and character of your home.

Specialist Tradespeople

Heritage requires specialist tradespeople. These tradespeople may be more difficult to find and may charge higher rates, unless you use a company like House to Home Finishes which specialises in this field and has a list of regular trusted trades that only work on character homes.

Preservation of Heritage Features

Renovating a home in a heritage conservation area requires careful consideration of the property’s heritage features. Any changes made to the
property must be sympathetic to its heritage significance, and in some cases, heritage features may need to be preserved or restored rather than like for like.

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