Choosing to work with House To Home Finishes ensures you will be guided through the Interior Design process from conception to completion, turning your ideas into your everyday lifestyle.

House To Home Finishes offers a unique and personalised service; Founder and Managing Director Joumana Moore is directly involved with every project, working with her clients to ensure that every detail is considered and selected with care and vision. Joumana is supported by her team of highly experienced Interior Designers to create tailored, practical and stylish solutions.

The way we work, live and enjoy has changed markedly over the past decade. We understand now, that our daily environments can either support or hinder our balance and being. Every person and every family unit is different, and so tailoring environments to suit, makes both financial and lifestyle sense; Happy in the home means, happy and more productive in school and the work place.

Only a few years ago the perception was that hiring an Interior Designer was simply for the rich and famous, today however choosing to work with a quality professional for the interior design and details specifications of your project can save you both time and money, adding further value to your home or asset. Joumana’s years of experience in the building and renovating industry means that you gain true and realistic guidance, your dreams are achieved while working within a budget.  Variations to the services may be required to accommodate projects such as, medium density and multi-residential developments, or adaptable and affordable housing projects. The choice is yours: we can accommodate you, whatever your needs.

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Client testimonial

“I am in heaven. My kitchen is perfect. I have just spent the last few days putting most of my kitchen things into my new kitchen. I Love it. You and your staff have done a very thorough job. You have all been very helpful and considerate as you guided me to the finished product. I Had a vision and you translated that into reality. The help I was given, in choosing colours and the finer details, was exactly what I needed. The quality of the finished product is excellent and it will be a part of the home I will be sad to leave behind if we ever move.